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Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries with Others?

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Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries with Others?

Boundaries are like invisible fences, and like all fences they create a border that outlines and protects. They help you feel safe in your environment and, when set appropriately, are healthy and good for you.

Download the free e-book Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries with Others? to learn the four types of boundaries you might have in your life. You’ll also find a self-assessment to help you learn about, accept, and assert your right to set your own boundaries in a healthy way.

What’s In the E-book

  • Definition of personal boundaries
  • 4 benefits of healthy boundaries
  • 4 types of boundaries explained
  • Boundary self-assessment
  • Additional help to explore your own boundaries

Looking for More Help Setting Healthy Boundaries?


Philip S. Graffunder is the owner of Positive Social Growth Counseling and Therapy Center.

He is a therapist, counselor, and clinical social worker with more than 20 years’ experience.

If you would like to explore boundaries, trauma resolution, life transitions, or another issue in depth, Philip may be able to help.

To learn more about his services and experience, visit philipgraffunderlcsw.com.