Philip Graffunder,



Solutions to Help You Work Toward Recovery, Healing, and Growth


Using traditional and modern methods, we will work together toward the recovery, healing, and growth that you desire. Respectful, humanistic, experienced care is what you will find here.

Trauma Resolution

I take an integrative approach to helping you heal from trauma. Together we may address problems resulting from trauma, such as depression and anxiety, couples/marital problems, and grieving and loss (including traumatic grief).

We will also explore factors contributing to trauma, such as childhood neglect and abuse as well as difficult life transitions, accidents, and other concerns.

Among other interventions, coaching on drug-free approaches to reduce symptoms and improve brain health is provided in addition to a combination of brainspotting and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Life Transitions

Whether you are a young person transitioning to adulthood or an adult reassessing your life, I can help you find meaning, direction, and purpose.

We may work on developing friendships, social skills, self-confidence, career, or community connections, depending on your needs and goals.

Lifting Depression

Learn how to work through the issues that are holding you down so you are no longer tormented and suffering.

Discover how new possibilities will open up and how the painful cycle of depression can be interrupted.

Anxiety, Stress, and Pressure

Explore how to reduce anxiety and stress while improving the quality of your life.

We’ll walk through a process to help you regulate your emotions in a way that feels healthier and more adaptive.

LGBTQ Community

I welcome LGBTQ individuals and couples, including those who are nonbinary and gender-nonconforming.

If you are worried about experience, acceptance, support, encouragement, love, or care, please know that therapy done at this center is welcoming to all.

Let's Connect

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If I’m not the right person to help you, I will do my best to refer you to someone who can.